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Bring Your Own Device

Boost your business productivity by enhancing your team's flexibility. Our BYOD solutions enable your people to work almost anywhere at any time using a range of devices.

BYOD delivers greater flexibility to your business and can lower your total cost of ownership. It also caters to the way people want to work and will help you recruit and retain the best talent.

But BYOD also comes with risks that need to be mitigated. Gen-i's security and management solutions protect your business information so you have the confidence to enable this new way of working and embrace the trend.

Our BYOD services include

  • Mobile, tablet and laptop devices
  • User support, device and cost management
  • Security and policy management

Advantages of BYOD for your business

  • Creates a more flexible IT environment
  • Supports the recruitment and retention of the best talent
  • Streamlines operations and a more agile, sustainable business
  • Increases productivity potential with your people working faster on their own devices, in their own time and space
  • Reduces hardware costs
  • Decreases mobile data charges with the use of Wi-Fi in your office
  • Saves on software as work moves to the cloud
  • Reduces property overheads as people move to remote working and hot-desking.

Why Gen-i for your BYOD solution?

  • Scale – we have a range of end-to-end BYOD solutions designed to fit your business needs.
  • Our global partnerships bring you choice and the latest innovation.
  • We’re technology agnostic so we're only interested in providing IT that genuinely works to your advantage.
  • We have the proven ability to integrate complex ICT environments.
  • We offer security and management solutions that give you control.
  • We're experienced in managing digital identity, perimeter security, anti-virus, anti-malware and social engineering vulnerabilities.
  • Our mobile network is world-class and gives you the option of fibre.
  • Draw on our expert architects, engineers, designers and project managers from throughout New Zealand and Australia.
  • Benefit from technology training for your people.

BYOD - is your organisation risk-ready?

In 2014 employee-owned devices will be compromised at double the rate of corporate-owned devices.

So 33% of money saved by BYOD should be reinvested in security.

The Citrix 5 step process for implementing BYOD

Stuart Driver, Director WW IT Operations at Citrix takes us through Citrix's personal journey to implement BYOD into their business

Case Study

  • Telecom's Modern Workspace

    Highly collaborative, flexible workspaces and mobility solutions drive a productive and sustainable business.

    Read case study

Benefits – BYOD

  • productivity

    Ensuring your people can access information at the right time in the way they want will drive results.

  • connectivity

    Global access to information and services will make a difference to you and your customers.

  • security

    Have confidence knowing your business information is secure when devices are lost, stolen or hacked.

  • cost savings
    Cost efficiency

    Empower your people to use their own evolving technology without investing in hardware and software support.

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