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Revolutionise your business productivity by better connecting your people at the office, in the field or at home. Facilitate teamwork and decision-making and connect with your clients by enhancing visual and voice communication.

Businesses that effectively utilise collaboration technologies are seeing strong increases in output and productivity. If your organisation is struggling with workflows, managing remote workers or delivering better value to customers, video and voice collaboration technologies will promote sustainable and effective collaboration and improve the way your people work together.

Key features - Collaboration

  • Extend video communications from the desktop to dedicated telepresence rooms.
  • Improve voice, video, messaging, mobility and web conferencing integration and management.
  • Simplify voice systems to manage costs and reduce resource overhead.
  • Increase productivity by helping employees work more effectively and efficiently and by reducing travel time.
  • Enable mobility by allowing employees access to collaboration solutions from a range of devices, wherever they are.

Gen-i can bring your teams together

  • Our global partnerships bring you the latest innovations in collaboration technology.
  • We lead the way in Video, Unified Communication and Voice solutions.
  • We’re technology-agnostic so we can offer solutions that work for you and your teams.
  • The breadth of our experience enables us to successfully integrate complex ICT environments.
  • You’ll leverage the right cloud-based services for your collaboration environment with our Pathway to Cloud.
  • You’ll enjoy back-up support as needed from our expert architects, engineers, designers and project managers.

Benefits - Collaboration solutions

  • productivity

    Boost performance with the optimal communication solution for that important meeting or phone call.

  • flexibility

    Always be connected and available to your colleagues from wherever you are.

  • cost savings
    Cost savings

    Reduce travel time and costs with effective video conferencing and document sharing.

  • scalability

    Our innovative collaboration solutions are designed to expand and grow, as your business needs change.

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To find out how Gen-i can help your business just give us a call at 0800 694 364

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